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A good recognition sometimes emerges as a double-edged sword, and that is what Oldblue Co. has just experienced recently. While they’ve got all the great reputation and recognition from around the globe, they also got into in dire straits, with a legal and cease & desist letter from the biggest denim company in the world received on their end. The said company claims that details on Oldblue’s jeans such as their broken arcuates, two-workers leather patch and red tab have infringed some of the company’s trademarks subjectively and one-sidedly. It seems like the brand has fallen into a hard situation, but it’s not entirely true.

The video they posted reveals new details that they have designed which will be used for their future products, especially the new Looped Arc. Instead of trying to fight for their rights – which is futile, Oldblue good-willingly decided to shift and change all the conflicted details and attributes that have been deeply associated with the brand for more than seven years. The changes may not be easy for them because it cannot stray far from their core values and identities that they’ve built, but they manage to see the good side of it and use this opportunity to move forward, push themselves to grow and develop their brand even further. See more about the story on their Instagram.

Oldblue Co. Introduces Their Newest Looped Arc
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