Maskoolin, collaborated with FreeShare, to hold a talk show titled Sustainable Production for Indonesian Fashion Brands in Freeware Suite – Equity Tower SCBD Jakarta. Hosted by Aryo Ariotedjo as the Managing Partner of Grupara Ventures.

The event featured three speakers from different local independent fashion brands: Direz – the Creative Director of Bluesville, Aradea Respati – the Marketing Director of Voyej and Aldeo Plato – Co-Founder of Life Behind Bars; and Iwan K. Lukminto – the Vice President Director of Sritex as their special guest speaker.

The talk show focused on problems in garment productions and their solutions such as: how to boost the home industry’s capabilities, how to minimize the production lead time, the pros and cons of producing goods in Indonesia, why brands need to focus more on their innovation and be consistent to their core values in order to sustain in this saturated market.

Iwan also explained that Sritex is now adapting to the demand of majority of independent local brands by giving them an opportunity of producing their goods and selling the fabrics and materials to them without having to consider the minimum quantity. He also stated that they will gladly help the brands to import fabrics and materials needed and even export their goods internationally.

All in all, he and Sritex expressed their willingness to support our independent local brands, and that is an absolute fresh air for the industry. Keep updated on Maskoolin’s upcoming talk show on their Instagram Page.

Sustainable Production for Indonesian Fashion Brands: A Talk Show by Maskoolin and FreeShare
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