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One of Jakarta’s newest streetwear brand Surplus Goods Co. hits the stores with their headlining debut collection ‘Thriving On Chaos’. Available for shipping worldwide, the brand is founded by Vincentius Aditya a.k.a. the founder of Paradise Youth Club. Thriving On Chaos consists of classic silhouettes like t-shirts and hoodies that express the collection’s concept; there’s always something thriving behind the chaos but it doesn’t matter because it is nature’s will. The brand itself is a medium for the founder to convey his crowded thoughts, with him not being as fluent in describing them in spoken words.

Priced from IDR 250.000 – IDR 600.000, Surplus will collab with Australia-based brand Common Dust for their next collection. Slide to their Instagram for more updates on the collaboration.

‘Thriving On Chaos’ as Surplus Goods Co.’s Debut Collection
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