We were scrolling through the Instagram timeline when suddenly there was a sponsored ad of Ubereats. For your information, Ubereats is a food delivery application from Uber, similar to Go-Food by Gojek and Grabfood. As we saw the post, we thought that Ubereats finally hit Indonesia after Uber Indonesia announced that it will be released in Jakarta on 2016.

However, as we downloaded the app for a test run, it was said that Indonesia hasn’t been included on Ubereats’ areas coverage. Meanwhile, neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore already can use the service.

Despite several similarities between its competitors, one feature that stands out is the scheduled order. This means, customer can order food and beverages in advance. Pretty convenient, especially if you like to place regular orders for lunch takeouts. Unfortunately, the release date is pretty uncertain as there are no further updates on the release of Ubereats here yet.

Hence, let’s just wait and hopefully Ubereats will come really soon as we like to have more alternatives in ordering food online as these apps are more reliable than conventional delivery services. Not to mention the endless promotions they give to hook the customers.

Waiting for Ubereats to Arrive in Indonesia
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