Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0010_Hawaiian – GreyWhite Floral
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0008_Throw On – Tropic Pattern Denim (9)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0009_Throw On – GreyBlack Native Print
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0012_Button Down LS – ForestRed Flannel (8)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0007_Work Shirt II – Grey Striped Chambray (8)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0006_Button Down LS – Flannel
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0005_Button Down LS (2)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0004_Hawaiian FW 2017 (2)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0003_Hawaiian FW 2017
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0002_Throw On FW 2017 (2)
Neighbourlist_QUTNFW17__0001_Throw On FW 2017

QUTN, a menswear brand that’s been running since 2013 has recently dropped their latest
2017 Fall/Winter Collection. They seem to emphasize their design in simple cuts, clean lines
and exceptional choice of fabrics.

For this collection, QUTN released its trademark button downs, flannels, throw ons, relaxed
Hawaiian shirt and banded collar shirt. The collection has a good balance in providing low-
key plain fabrics to stand out patterns for your everyday wear.

Ranging from Rp 309.000 – Rp 389.000, QUTN is keeping it real with their objective in
providing affordable yet stylish menswear apparel. Head over to their website or Instagram
to learn more about their new collection.

QUTN Delivered their F/W 2017 Collection
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