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Indonesian shoemaker specialized in shoes and boots with hand-welted construction – Sagara Bootmaker, is proud to announce their first ever Instagram-based contest called “Operation Skull and Bombs”, and it’s open for every Sagara Squadron who owns any of Sagara’s article.

Every contestant can choose between two teams: Warhorse Task Force or Warbirds Task Force. They will be given a special task called “side-mission” in order to collect partial codes. The side-mission is quite simple, they have to post a picture of their Sagara articles with specified theme on their Instagram account. Each contestant has to collect all codes to gain access to the final mission where the Warhorse Task Force will race against each other to get the medallion piece in a secret location in Bandung; whilst the Warbirds Task Force has to open an encrypted website and answer one last question to claim the main prize.

Here are the main prizes for Operation Skull and Bombs winner:
1. Sagara Civilian Boondockers
2. Exclusive Oldblue Co. x Sagara Jeans (MTO System)
3. Sagara Bootmaker MTO Voucher worth IDR 2,500,000,-
4. Stockroom: Trade & Dishes Voucher worth IDR 1,000,000,-

At the end of the contest, Sagara will hold a gathering where the medallion piece is located to celebrate the accomplishment of the Warhorse Team. The celebration will involve several activities, such as Sagara Civilian Boondockers presentation, live shoemaking, and mini games.

For registration and detailed info of this contest, you can go here.

Sagara Bootmaker Announced Their First Contest Ever: Operation Skull and Bombs
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