After you learned about the basic of denim that we’ve compiled on our last article, we will inform you about one of the most sought after aspects of all raw denim culture: the fade.

Raw denim starts to fade after everyday use because the indigo dye used in denim doesn’t permeate to the innermost part of the yarn. The indigo starts to get worn down and the white part gradually becomes visible after quite some time. The fades will look distinctive and unique for every pair of jeans, affected by the individual’s daily life and things they put in the pockets. As a result, there can be no two pairs of jeans with the same looking fades. It is the canvas of the wearer’s story where every line and curve of the fades hold a story behind it. Here are some of the key type of fades that you’ll usually get after intensive wear.


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One of the most common fades and the easiest to get. Whiskers are made on the area around the crotch, spreading outward to the upper thigh. The way it is sharply distributed makes it look like the whiskers of a cat. A lot of squatting and bending can help speed up the process.


Fades that formed behind the knees. The fading looks like the actual honeycombs, hence the name. Looser fit and heavier denim will produce a 3-D like combs, while slimmer jeans will usually yield tight, stripe combs. Cycling or another activity with your knee will make the combs more prominent.


To achieve this type of fade, you have to stack your jeans, meaning that the jeans’ inseam have to be longer than your actual leg so the leg opening stacks over your feet. You can help setting up the stacks by sprinkling water over the leg opening and slowly arrange it manually. Wearing hi-top sneakers or boots really help, so you might want to try it.

Train Tracks

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Train tracks are an uncommon fade that appears on the outseam. As time passes, the outlines of the selvedge line will be more visible, producing lines that is similar to a real train tracks. The tricky part is, generally outseam do not get many frictions, so it is quite difficult to achieve this fade. Maybe you might want to try sleep while wearing your jeans? Anything is possible.

Roping Effect

Fades that bear a resemblance to a rope and can be found on the leg opening. Many denim aficionados wanted their leg opening to be hemmed by the legendary Union Special 43200G machine because this machine produces a high amount of tension so the roping effect will be more distinguished.

How to get all fades stated above? Wear your jeans everyday on every occasion and stay away from water as possible as you can. After your jeans start to smell bad, wash it straight away or you can try to seawash it like denim aficionados tend to do to produce some crazy, lightning shaped fades. We even know a guy who used to wear his heavyweight 21oz jeans underneath his school uniform. It might be a bit too extreme but hey, to gain extraordinary fades you also have to do extraordinary things too. Stay sharp for our another denim related articles because we know you will be waiting for it.

Types of Fades That Could Happen To Your Jeans
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