Warpweft Company is a brand that was created with a dream of constructing the utmost quality jeans. In five years of their existence, they continuously strive to always excel their previous collection by pushing all boundaries and possibilities. With their newest line-up titled The Exquisite Series, they were determined to take everything up a notch.

The new line-up was first introduced at Wall of Fades 2017 and it applies several meticulous new fabrics, sourced directly from a small family-runned mills from rural area of Okayama, Japan. They also utilize better machineries to produce enhanced constructions and details, such as the new signature continues selvedge fly. Not only that, they even upgraded the visual supporting details and the after sales service. All in all, with all the improvements offered we believe that The Exquisite Series is by far the brand’s grandest release to date. See the complete collection including new tees and shirts on their discussion page.

The Exquisite Series by Warpweft Company takes the Brand on a Different Level
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