SAUX is a creative space nestled amidst the nature. Initiated by Hedy Rusdian from Fourspeed Metalworks, he alongside his friend Yusef Sutisna and Gianjar Saribanon work collectively to create handmade silver and brass jewellery, as well as well as hand-forged knives and tools. All their goods are produced here among the pine trees on a mountainside, away from the hectic, restless city life.

The wildlife and the natural surroundings are the brand’s biggest inspiration to bring forth their products. The brand believed each of their articles should have its own distinctiveness, expressing the influenced its creation. On the whole, SAUX is more than just a brand, it’s a homage to a time when our lives were at one with nature. See their collection here.

Saux Pays Homage to Nature with its Handcrafted Goods
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