Since started mid-2017 by the winner of Master Chef Indonesia third season William Gozali, Sunny Fatday supplies us with a selection of tasty rice bowls with their authentic recipe, yielding a distinctive taste and experience. Just recently, Sunny Fatday releases loads of new menus to wind up the year 2018. It includes Pork Sambal Matah, Truffle Gyu Don, Thai’s Pad Kra Pao Gai and finally the Chicken Slamdunk. All the menu comes in a generous portion, ensuring to fill your tummy and also luscious at the same time, as expected from the champ’s cooking.

Go over to their outlet in Puri Kembangan, Jakarta Barat to chow their food or you can simply order it via Go-Food.

Four New Menus from Sunny Fatday will Surely Please Your Taste Buds
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