Since yesteryears, honey has always been used as both food and medicine. It is rich in Antioxidants, providing several healthful benefits. With the fact in mind, Yonathan Tanjung and Noviza Gealdia established Yonathan Tanjung and Noviza Gealdia established Honey Lane in September 2016, offering two line of products: whipped honey and infused honey. The idea sparked as a solution to solve the lack of availability for both products in the market and they were determined to fill the void.

To highlight Indonesia’s rich nature, their honeys are only produced with authentic ingredients gathered from all around Indonesia. For instance, the Whipped Honey Original was made of Calliandra flowers that grows in Java. The Whipped Honey Ginger blends crystallized honey with Sumatran gingers and the best selling Infused Honey Vanilla administers gourmet vanilla beans sourced directly from Bali and East Nusa Tenggara. Start to live healthy and try all their sweet honey variants by visiting their website.

Honey Lane Fills the Void of Whipped and Infused Honey in Indonesia
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