KFC Indonesia just revealed a new entry in their list of menu. Named the Mini Chizza, the idea derives from the word “chicken” and “pizza”. As the name implies, this menu is a faux slice of pizza made of boneless KFC chicken fillet bathed with onion, paprika, Bolognese sauce, and cheese sauce. The menu was initially released in our neighbouring countries on 2016 but only today we can try it for ourselves.

For only IDR 18.000 you can get the luscious taste from the chicken and also the mouth-watering spiciness from the sauce. Also note that the size is relatively small so you might want to score two of it in one go. All in all, this dish is a perfect choice to be your evening grub and it is definitely better than their awkward chocolate-drenched Cho Chicks. Mini Chizza is already available on their outlet everywhere so you might want to pay them a visit.

KFC Indonesia Brings Out Their Newest Menu, Mini Chizza
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