Established in 2015, Duma is a woman clothing line that represents a sense of compelling through their every product. By providing revamped classic wardrobes, they always find its way to create pieces that are made to last throughout the year. In the beginning of February 2018, Duma unveiled their latest collection in collaboration with the young actress Eva Celia as well as BLP Beauty and Tokopedia.

The partnership was made to further celebrate self-love for every accomplished woman with a strong sense of self. Still striving for their value of elaborate design and impeccable styling, the range of garments harmoniously fusing in a monochromatic formal clothing with a hint of muted pigments. Cotton-knit dress and glossy silk-satin coat made an appearance as well as warm shawls to add flair to the whole ensemble. See the lookbook above and nab yours via their official Tokopedia page.

Celebrate the Self-love Through The Collaboration between Duma and Eva Celia
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