The natural indigo and easy-styled garment specialist Bluesville has released the drop 1 of their Spring/Summer 2018 collection titled ‘The Next Wave’. Inspirited by everyday beach life and vibes, it flaunts their take on military-infused classic outerwear that radiates the culmination of the sense of casual and laidback feel.

Their wide range of items is ranging from the surfing-inspired graphic tees to beachwear and sailing attire. The distinguished items including the Range Jacket which implements the quick release zipper for a hassle-free detachment as well as the Indigo OD Camo Trek Jacket that applies patchwork detail featuring four different fabrics, each of it was dyed frequently in natural indigo before patched through.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is already available on their website so be sure to have a visit.

The First Drop of Bluesville's Spring/Summer 2018 Collection is Already Here
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