The American fast-food empire McDonald’s has released two new menus for the Indonesian market. The first one is the Ayam Spicy McD which has been taking the nation by storm, thanks to its viral advertisements on the social media. As the name implies, it’s the more spicy version of the signature chicken. If you order the menu, you will also get a bottled water which is presented similar to a fire extinguisher with a word “Pemadam Kepedesan” on it.

The second one is more intriguing. McDonald’s churn out their rendition of ‘nasi uduk‘ called Nasi Uduk McD, which is an Indonesian traditional food made of scented coconut milk completed with sambals and fried shallots, just like the original. The menu also comes with a sunny side up or scrambled egg, depending on your liking. Swing by to their nearest outlet to try it both.

McDonald's Indonesia has Released Two New Menus
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