The Jakarta-based label Untold began in 2015 and positions itself to represents the individuals working behind the scenes who let their hard work speak for them. The brand is currently cooking something up with the freelance street photographer Azcha Ervian Permana Putra, better known as Azcha Tobing to showcase their mutual respect for one another and their strive to fulfil their enthusiastic ambition. Titled ‘Photography is not a Crime‘, the partnership is definitely beneficial for both parties, as Azcha will finally have the chance to showcase his work to an audience beyond the digital platform and Untold is happy to be able to fully support him.

The launch of the joint effort will be held on March 16th at Central Department Store in Grand Indonesia. The event will also be the platform for Azcha’s first photo exhibition entitled ‘Through the Lens‘, followed by a Q&A discussion hosted by Ageless Galaxy. The special night will begin at 6 PM, so be sure to swing by. Stay tuned for the updates on Untold’s feed.

Photography is not a Crime: A Collaboration Between Untold and Azcha Tobing
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