Originally established in 2015, Vero recently received a huge spotlight. With the tagline of “Truly Social Network”, this new platform is now the number-one free app in Google Play and ranks eighth in the iOS App Store, garnered more than 3 million new users in just a few days. It has advertised itself as a self-proclaimed Instagram killer, promising its user to a new and improved social media experience.

Vero is quite distinctive compared to other similar social media. You can specify which fellow users that can see every content shared by users. Another favorable trait is that the feed isn’t manipulated by an algorithm, which means that posts appear in a chronological order. As the result of a subscription-based business model, there is no kind of advertising on Vero. Despite all the controversy and a steep learning curve, Vero is a fresh social media which we believe to be worthy of your time. Find out more about the new platform here.

Vero Could be the Substitute for Instagram and Facebook
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