After more than 20 years of striving in the local fashion industry, (X)S.M.L has reached a new milestone by taking part in Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2018, flaunting what they’re good at to the international market. They introduced ‘Kisah‘, an assortment of garments that conveys a dramatic illustration that describes a woman’s life, where every single moment has a different meaning and touching story. The aforementioned collection is what they brought to the runway of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 day 4.

‘Kisah’ was presented in a distinctive way by using a technique called destructured silhouette. Showcasing more than 48 looks, this collection blends layering and asymmetric clothing, embellished with a variety of printed motifs such as flowers and tartans. To elevate the look even further, the tones which consist of yellow, jade green, dusty pink and terracotta were implemented.

Stick around for the highlight of the last day of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018.

(X)S.M.L Brought 'Kisah' to Adorn the Runway of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Show 2018 Week 4
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