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Not long after Gutters Collective released their untitled collection we covered back in August, Gutters has recently collaborated with Tangerang-based collage artist Semua Terekam. Released in two volumes, the new collections touch on the sensitive subject of politics and are expressed with good old satire through visual art.

Dubbed ‘Make Yourself Hard to Kill’, the first of a two-part collection features the notorious politician Setya Novanto as the star of the show. Ex-convict Tommy Soeharto will be the leading man in the second part of the collection dubbed ‘Straight Outta Orba’ coming soon this April.

Gutters and Semua Terekam chose this theme for their new collection prior to receiving info that Hutomo Mandala Putra is starting a new political party called ‘Partai Berkarya‘. The collective believes that if he wins the presidential election next year, Orba will rise once again. Head to Gutters Co.’s Instagram for more details on the articles and to Semua Terekam’s account for your daily dose of eccentric artworks.

The Glory of Satire with Gutters Collective x Semua Terekam’s “Make Yourself Hard to Kill”
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