Today, the rapid growth of local industry has resulted in an extensive range of local brands in Indonesia. The #NEIGHBOURTEAM highly appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit and it has been our noble job to document each one of them. However, brands come and go. Some survive but others gradually sink. Two things in common of the surviving brands are that they are well-executed and established brands.

Therefore, our editorial team came up with #NEIGHBOURPICKS because we feel like these brands must be disclosed to stand out. With the proper exposure, these brands can inspire, be examples or even role models for aspiring local creativepreneurs who want to start their own fashion brands.

Neighbourlist Ageless Galaxy Neighbourpicks 1
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1. Ageless Galaxy
Why we pick: Ageless Galaxy is one of those brands who truly possess original and consistent concept of extraterrestrial-related apprehension. The vessel is steered by two of AGLXY’s co-founders, Tamish Aswani dan Giorgi Krisno. Seven collections deep, this duo continuously maintain the brand’s distinguishable nature through strong graphic presence and collaboration domestically and internationally.

Neighbourlist Argyle Oxford Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist Argyle Oxford Neighbourpicks 2
Neighbourlist Argyle Oxford Neighbourpicks 3
2. Argyle and Oxford
Why we pick: The only womenswear brand on this list. Argyle and Oxford manage to demonstrate authenticity and boldness in concept. They aren’t trapped in the mainstream womenswear template of minimalist, monochromatic, and flowing clothes. Instead, they escape mediocrity and come up with various impressionable collections. Just like this particular ‘Powerful Pattern’ collection of attention-grabbing tartan.

Neighbourlist Kamengski Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist Kamengski Neighbourpicks 5
Neighbourlist Kamengski Neighbourpicks 2
Neighbourlist Kamengski Neighbourpicks 3
Neighbourlist Kamengski Neighbourpicks 4
3. Kamengski
Why we pick: Sometimes, you need to let go that fashion staidness and be playful and humorous. Despite raising ethical and legal questions due to their designs, let’s just forget that for a moment and laugh at yourselves while wearing Kamengski’s parodical t-shirts. Wearing it feels like a satire critique to the hype and seasonal trend sides of the fashion industry.

Neighbourlist NAM Watches Neighbourpicks 4
Neighbourlist NAM Watches Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist NAM Watches Neighbourpicks 2
Neighbourlist NAM Watches Neighbourpicks 3
Neighbourlist NAM Watches Neighbourpicks 5
4. NAM Watches
Why we pick: One of the few top-of-mind watch brands. Displaying timeless and elegant pieces for men and women, NAM Watches keeps up with the industry with their aestheticism, upscale astuteness, and admirable after sales service. Also, based on our discovery on Instagram, it seems they are stepping up their game and ready to launch the brand to international market.

Neighbourlist Sagara Boots Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist Sagara Boots Neighbourpicks 3
Neighbourlist Sagara Boots Neighbourpicks 2
5. Sagara Bootmaker
Why we pick: Definitely one of the oldest and most established boots producer in the industry. Their craftsmanship is undeniably skillful and resulted in some of the finest leather work boots by Indonesian brand. Their presence as a community is also rooted deeply in their wearers’ consciences. Sagara also has received several international recognitions over the years such as the international trunk show in Singapore.

Neighbourlist Public Culture Neighbourpicks 3
Neighbourlist Public Culture Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist Public Culture Neighbourpicks 4
6. Public Culture
Why we pick: With eight collections on the course of their ‘parallel existence’, Public Culture catches our attention through their vivid and audacious graphic apparels. They also have collaborated with several big names; We The Fest 2018, Peggy Gou, and Pop Up Market. Moreover, Public Culture has caught the attention of two of the current biggest fashion & lifestyle websites, Hypebeast and Highsnobiety, as few of their collections have been featured.

Neighbourlist The Stubborn Neighbourpicks 1
Neighbourlist The Stubborn Neighbourpicks 2
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7. The Stubborn
Why we pick: The stubbornness inside their high-principled vision leads to the establishment of The Stubborn. Focusing their creation on various types of work wears, The Stubborn exudes this exemplary rugged persona of the functional and well-made products. The respect for them in the community is also apparent as together with Oldblue Co. and Pizza Place, they revived the legendary denim of the past, Massa Jeans on the Massa Renaissance event.

#NEIGHBOURPICKS: 7 Legit Indonesian Brands This Week
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