Working together with Remark.Lab, Plaza Ambarrukmo brings back Land of Leisures Yogyakarta this year, still with the concept of the biggest celebration of local creative industry players in Yogyakarta. With total of 99 tenants, some participating tenants look promising as multiple established Indonesian brands outside Yogyakarta will take part on October 12th – 14th. These include Noesa, LOCALE, Taka, Unionwell, Elhaus & Shipyard, Jackhammer Co., and even designer brand Danjyo Hiyoji are going to fill up the booths at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Aside from the bazaar, various activities have been scheduled, which include talkshows from multiple local creative personalities, workshops, coaching clinic, and artist collaborations. Including music performances by musicians in likes of Vira Talisa, Reality Club, Elephant Kind, Polka Wars, Monita Tahalea, and many more. Go to LOL 2018’s Instagram account to read information such as rundown, speaker names, and complete tenant lists.

Land of Leisures Promises #TheGreatestWeekend For This Year
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