Do you only have one day to taste Indonesian food? Staying in Jakarta? No worry, you can simply visit these recommended iconic Indonesian restaurant by DestinAsian that range from the spicy Madonese cuisine specialize Beautika in Kebayoran Baru, tradisional Acehnese food of Dapoe Aceh, Balinese style food Le Seminyak in Pacific Place, to the good quality Makassar food in Pangkep, Chinatown area.

Beautika specializes in Manadonese cuisine, which is one of the spiciest in the country. The restaurant also serves unusual treats like paniki (bat). If you’re up for the challenge, make sure you also order cakalang (spicy fish) and bebek woku (spicy duck), with an accompaniment of white, red, or yellow rice. And don’t forget the ice tea to tame the chili.

Dapoe Aceh serves traditional Acehnese food. While this cuisine is also known for its kick, the restaurant has toned down the spiciness of its dishes to suit everyone’s palate. Interestingly, Acehnese use hemp leaf to enhance the flavor of their dishes. We recommend the ayam tsunami (tsunami chicken), gulai ikan hiu (shark meat with curry), and mie aceh (Aceh yellow noodles).

Those who haven’t been able to find a good Balinese restaurant in Jakarta should head to Le Seminyak at Pacific Place Mall. We recommend sate lilit (satay), nasi Bali, which consist of yellow rice, assorted vegetable, satay, meat, chili egg, and sambal matah.

If you’re after good quality Makassar seafood, head to Pangkep in the Chinatown area. Here, there’s no need to dress to impress because you may need to eat with your hands. The winners are: cumi goreng mentega (butter fried squid), kepiting kecap (crab), and cah kangkung (kangkung stir fry).

Info via DestinAsian.

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