From the good guy behind the shoe-brand name Chevalier, Egar Putra Bahtera recently share a short story and the thought process behind choosing the material for the current collection. The collection itself consist of a short and medium leather wallet and few pairs of dress shoes.

What is “English” Bridle and how about their Natural Vegetable Tan Leather?
The term ‘English’ from word “English Bridle” is synonymous with quality and value. Wickett Craig is committed to supplying Traditional English Leather for the Stunning Leathergoods since 1867. With over 100 years experience in making English Bridle Leather they can make leather that has good quality, durability, and leather that will last.

Established in 1867, Wickett & Craig is the leading North American producer of vegetable-tanned leathers used in the manufacture of personal leather goods and equestrian products. Their tannery has been creating the finest quality leathers for American and overseas customers. Traditional English Bridle Leather from Wickett Craig is made from a mix of specialised leather materials, re-tanning oils, and many secret recipes hundred years old.

They use drum dyed and hot stuffed to make it, English bridle needs no finishing. After drum dying they impregnate the leather with their special recipes of waxes and oils to create a durable and flexible leather. And then they finish the grain and flesh with rich beautiful aniline dye to show off the natural texture. Last, they seal the color in and then finish it with a wax coat to give it stunning and gorgeous colour ever! And I see for myself that the quality is world class

Info via Chevalier

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