Wall of Fades 2012

Indonesian Denim Group or shortened by INDIGO is proud to presents their fourth annual event called Wall of Fades. This event was created as a way to educate, acknowledge, and open the eyes of the public to the amazing and aesthetic details behind every single pair of jeans, especially the history behind the creation of the world famous classic 5-pocket jean that we all know and love.

Wall of Fades 2012 Concept
“World Famous Classic 5-Pockets”

In today’s modern era, the world of lifestyle and fashion that are exposed to young people, especially in Indonesia are always affiliated with denim. It can be easily spotted by looking at how teenagers dress nowadays that is always combining their clothing and shoes with their jeans or denim as we call it as the main piece of clothing. As we know today, denim has become a lifestyle whereas we can see how teenagers dress in Indonesia today as stated before, and it is such a pity that they only understand what is good in the eyes of the public, and become trend victims rather than understanding the essence behind the denim itself.

The purpose of presenting the theme “World Famous Classic Five Pockets” in Wall of Fades 2012 is that we will try to educate, and acknowledge the public that denim itself has an essence behind it, not just a regular piece of clothing. There are types of fits and cuttings, the history behind how denim can be made into a pair of jeans, the history behind the father brands, making process, and the incredible detail behind every pair of jeans need to be exposed to the young generation, so that they will understand why the denim available today has different types of quality, whether it is international or even local, and why they have premium prices. Opening the eyes of the public to the knowledge of how to dress in denim dominated fashion, and proper fit selection that is suitable for every type of body posture.

In this year’s event, they will present a series of exhibition such as the denim history exhibition which will tell you more about how denim was made into jeans and how the details of the jeans change from time to time, also we will provide something new this year called the “Indigo Experience” exhibition to further educate the public about the process of dyeing a fabric using natural indigo dyeing paste. Besides the exhibitions, this year we will also provide an entertainment segment for our guests.

For more information please follow @WallofFades.

Wall Of Fades 2012
30th November – 2nd December 2012
Kuningan City
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio Kav. 18
Setiabudi – Kuningan

Wall of Fades 2012

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