JoulaViola epitomizes unconditional love, courage, and grace. It takes a great woman to elicit such love and devotion that her three daughters would honor her memory by naming their brand after her. Joula Viola was her name and now as a brand, it is a tribute, a celebration and a promise.

It takes great minds and even greater creativity to combine functionality and fashion in each bag, laptop sleeve, and wallet designed and produced by JoulaViola.

JoulaViola recognize the need for today’s smart and chic woman to pair style and practicality in every item she carries. Sure, a bag is something to put things in, but that doesn’t have to be all there is to it. It should also complement her: make her look good, and feel good, all without losing her sense of individuality. To that end, JoulaViola designs come in limited quantities, so as to guarantee exclusivity. In fresh colour and intense patterns, every woman is sure to find one design that represents them best.

JoulaViola is currently available at with price range starts from IDR 220.000,00 to IDR 320.000,00.

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