Nothing can beat the feeling of air breeze while skating around the city. Paddling, curving the streets, tricks, and flipping over obstacles, skateboarding are considers not only a lifestyle, but it’s also a sport and an art form. From the UNKL347 sub-brand Indicator now presents their new project HELLCATOR together with local skateboards brand Hellwood Skateboards.

They teamed up to create their very own new skateboard shoes that inspired by one of a timeless and classic skateboard shoes. Made from hand selected leather, canvas, and durable rubber material. The HELLCATOR shoes are now ready in very limited stock. Availability is now being offer in-store at UNKL347 flagship store in jalan Trunojoyo number 4 and online through unkl347.com. For more information and pictures regarding this project please visit unkl347instant.com.

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