The Jakarta-based cyclist enthusiast from Pancalen Cycles just introduced us and gave a full explanation to the latest head badge design for 2013 incarnation of the Kagero frame by WOOF Jakarta. Here’s what they say about the new Leader Bikes x PEDAL Consumption Kagero 2013 and its complete look.

At Fixed Fest 2011 Patrick Thames from PEDAL Consumption met Gibranos from WOOF Jakarta for the first time. Eventually they came up with collaboration projects, and one of them is the head badge design. Other than the graphics, there’s a few alterations on the latest Kagero frameset. The drive side chainstay was reworked to give extra clearance for cranksets with thick spiders like SRAM Omnium. The frame is now available in two colour options, Phantom Pearl or Oceanic Blue.

For full story please visit Pancalen Cycles website here.

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