Indonesian legendary indiepop hero makes a return to the music circuit. After a rejuvenating album went out to public, they write another piece of history by making a 7” vinyl addition to their catalogue.

An indiepop band based in Jakarta Rumahsakit brought back their life as one piece with a remarkable return few months ago in December 2012. They just released their 3rd album “1+2” which contains bunch of legendary old tunes with few new songs in it.

The record release party in December was a typical hit where almost every single person in the scene caught in the act showing public display of anticipations. Happiness marked the city when the band finally hit the show that night in South Jakarta. Many were left stranded outside due to limitation of tickets available for the show. And of course in the other hand, celebration of love happened in a very good manor where the band performed their old time hits.

It was a huge reunion party where stash of good old memories from the 90s came visiting on a short period of time. Well, it was also a statement that the band is actually here for good and never called it a day previously; something that became very unclear for all these days.

During their hey days back in the 90s, Rumahsakit was very famous of their brilliant adaptations of–at that time—Britpop good waves with influences from The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, or My Bloody Valentine.

Being an Indonesian band that lies far away from the United Kingdom where the centre of music revolution happened that time, was a disadvantage. So, having your own local idol who interprets the love of Britpop waves was another way to express yourself. Rumahsakit represented a good gesture by producing good music and played so many good gigs. It all became a valid action to have them called as local hero.

So, this comeback has been a good news to everyone.

To make it more perfect, the band is now tying themselves up with Banyak Mauu Records to release another phenomenal format of records. Hilang / Anomali from two of their old greatest hits are made available as double A side single on 7” format.

The records will come out on two different formats: the deluxe yet limited version with gatefold vinyl and regular ones. It will be available to be grabbed on from 25th February until 3rd March 2013.

This vinyl version is a new state of confirmation about their current status on the circuit: Legend. And for that reason, the band has every right in the world to be immortal.


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