On the latest editorial by HAI Magazine youth menswear label from Jakarta Dreambirds shares a story and small tutorial on how they make their own t-shirt. The original which you can read directly via their blog here clearly explain how the “Do It Yourself” work ethnic applies through their process.

Where we prepare the tools for making the artworks, divided into 2 parts, “ARTWORK MAKING” (includes pencil, eraser, brushes, towel paper, tapes) and “PRINTING PROCESS” (includes screens, rotary machine, plastisol ink for solvent based, heat guns).

The artist starts the very first step of creating artwork, the basic construction using pencil and eraser. This early stage will reflect your final result, so you must be careful and don’t rush this part.

On printing phase, the artist already mixed the ink colors, artwork placement are precise, and the screen are attached to the rotary machine. We put the ink on top of the screen and using the “squeegee” we press and pulls the ink and let it printed to the garment.

During curing phase we use a specific medium sized machine called “flash cure unit”. We put it on top of the finished garment with extremely high temperature or it will not cured at all (around 320 celcius) and let it sit there for 15 seconds.

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