Maroo Jeans

Maroo Jeans is a novel brand in jeans and apparel has just launched its newest collection to the public. This latest collection offers a distinct concept which combine traditional fabrics such as kain tenun Ulos with their urban jeans design, inspired by Indonesia’s diverse cultures. The collection consists of signature jeans, jackets, and shirt.

The article namely “Maroo 716 Jeans”, apply slim tapered cut with asymmetrical belt Loop using 14 oz dry sanforized selvedge denim and traditioanal Ulos fabric as pocket bag where the values of quality and huge attention to detail are displayed.

“It is an innovative design, we hope Maroo Jeans can raise awareness of preserving cultural heritage existence and we will gladly contribute to support local fabrics.” said Ivan Rezky the founder of Maroo Jeans. Maroo Jeans is now available for purchase online via their website here. For more information please follow their Twitter account here.

Maroo 716 Jeans
• 14 oz dry sanforized selvedge denim
• Slim tapered
• Button fly
• Universal rivet
• Double prong button
• Asymmetrical belt loop
• Hidden rivets
• Traditional fabrics pocket
• Red selvedge line
• IDR 799.000

Maroo Jeans
Maroo Jeans
Maroo Jeans
Maroo Jeans

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