BNV is Indonesia label that begins its debut through its men’s shoe collection called BNV Footwear. As a producer who puts high value on the quality of men’s wear, the brand uses the combination of traditional worldwide fabric materials and latest technology at premium level to manufactures their products and delivers customers satisfaction.

Provided with a wide selection of colors, designs and materials, BNV’s products are made to be uniquely detailed and attractive to today’s men. Additionally, all required materials are being thoroughly tested before use. In order to provide a great comfort to customers.

New from BNV Footwear for its spring and summer 2013 collection area is BNV 4 Eye Summit St and BNV Eye Summit Moc. Both footwear are comes with with great craftsmanship, high quality materials, Goodyear welt construction, comfortable footbed, and lightweight but strong outsole. To find out more about the details please read the description below. To place your order please visit their site here.

Comfort, confidence and quality perfection, there are three elements of BNV. BNV Summit expressed its value and the highest quality. This shoe in all its details reveals a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and of great attention to details.

Great shoe begins with great leather. Vegetable chrome waxy based leather from which the BNV Summit is the result of a natural tanning through-dying process that only takes place in drums. That’s reason these shoes colors are so incredibly rich.

Goodyear welt construction
It is not just about comfort, it is also about durable. The Goodyear welt construction is recognized worldwide as a superior method of footwear construction. The process allows for smoother airflow within the shoes layers that offer exceptional comfort and durable – giving the shoe a lifespan of years, sometimes even decades.

Lightweight but Strong. BNV outsole is made of a lightweight material that meets all the requirements of resistance, grip and durability. These shoes have been designed to be as light as possible thanks to their sole.

Comfortable footbed. The insole is coated with campbrella and genuine goat leather to ensure full absorption of sweat and keep your inner shoes warm yet comfortable.The foam wedge inlay helps in circulating the air around your feet to facilitate a breathable atmosphere. It is designed to be the arch support and air cushioning from the airbag system to adapt to your foot at every step, giving you total freedom of movement.


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