Green Paper Boys

After many months of hard work the Amsterdam based but Indonesian roots Green Paper Boys finally able to presents their new online store early this week! The long awaited website and its online store is now got supported by the presence of their own foundation called GBP Foundation.

The GPB Foundation itself was launched with one specific target: to improve the quality of life for abandoned street children in Indonesia. With the help of local partners, they want to reduce the number of abandoned street children by investing in education and sport programs.

Along with those announcement, the label recently released a commercial for its foundation. The video was shot in Manggarai, a hood in Jakarta Indonesia. The video portrays a child telling about his life in the slums. He hears stories and sees cool things happening outside his neighbourhood. He has ambitions and a dream about making money by doing things he loves with friends.

For more information about Green Paper Boys please visit their website here.

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