Formed in 20013 Bandung label Kandura Keramik started as a pottery studio. Over the span of eight years, they have developed into a ceramics design studio, designing while also making small batches of tableware pieces. What you will see below are their new tableswares products for 2013 collection such as pottera, nibble, and platter.

Pottera is a self watering pot, that is after your pour enough water into the bottom part. What you will still need to do is assemble it. In order to do that, you simply need several stuff that are lying around in your garden a bit of hose, rope, and imagination.

Nibble is a set of mini dishes, sized, and suited for snacking, a regrettably delightful daily routine. They use this set excessively at the studio, either in the morning for breakfast, pre lunch, post lunch, and in the afternoon. Not very helpful for the waistline but especially good for the soul.

Last but not least is Platter. The latest edition to their 2013 collection of stoneware dining serving dishes. It is utilitarian feel and heavy built hints that it should be used daily. Perfect for platter of fried stuff, along with your selection of dips and chili sauce.

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