PACT is a union of three different experiences in one multifaceted environment, combining a retail shop, a restaurant and bar, and a Japanese hair salon. Featuring two Singaporean based brands such as K.I.N for retail and lifestyle shop, Kilo for restaurant and bar, and one arm of the famous Japanese hair salon called LIM.

The Singaporean retail space was designed by Japanese designer, Teruhiro Yanagihara, founder of Japanese design studio, Isolation Unit. The space also built to conceived and inspired a “community” effect for guests, who are encouraged to explore and experience the different components of the shop.

As Kilo, K.I.N, and LIM all have flagship outlets in Singapore, PACT is an extension of each brand coming together to try to influence a different consumer experience on Orchard Road. While each business model seems to vary severely from each other, all three brands carry the same passion for good product and service.

Kilo is a restaurant and bar with an inclination for hearty flavours and raw spaces. Its Japanese-Vietnamese inspired menu and concrete interiors hope to make for a different dining experience on Orchard Road. Kilo at PACT also runs a 16-seater private dining area and sake bar.

K.I.N is a thoughtful clothing and lifestyle store with products curated for their quality, design and craftsmanship. The retail store was originally located in Haji Lane Singapore. They provide the consumer with clothing and footwear that centres itself upon a more designed approach, instead of simply focusing on specific genres.

Sibling to Kizuki+LIM, the new LIM arm continues the Japanese hair salon’s dialogue with Singapore. Mixing refined Japanese techniques with forward thinking style, it seeks to delight and inspire with its cross-cultural perspectives. A must visit for those who would love to experience different style.

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