Bandung-based integrated design and brand strategy consultant with focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant strategies House The House is proud to announced the comeback of KEUKEN this weekend on June 9th 2013 with “The Jolly Camaraderie”. The fourth edition of one day food festival will take place of Gudang Persediaan PT KAI Cikudapateuh in Jalan Sukabumi Bandung. As usual, there will be lots of stuff to eat, to hear, and to see. Feel free to come with your family.

KEUKEN is a one day cooking event which features a spreading on utilizations of city public spaces issue, packaged in a street festival way which everyone could join. As the capital city of West Java province, Bandung has been growing into a dense, heterogeneous urban area. However, it appears that the city is not ready to receive the increasing amount of visitors and newcomers, considering the infrastructure of currently available public spaces.

Lack of adequate public space in several aspects, whether in availability, security or comfort, has initiated a number of community efforts to create pleasant ones. In this ever-developing commodified days of food fulfillment, we all may have seen every form of it. Stretching from high-priced fancy dinings to the simplest traditional feasts. A celebration on hunger compliances seemed to be a mass interest and man would even pay more to be involved in such satiating festivity.

House The House presents
in collaboration with EOC and PT Kereta Api Indonesia

KEUKEN No.4 “The Jolly Camaraderie”
June 9th 2013
7.30 AM – 9.00 PM
At Gudang Persediaan PT KAI Cikudapateuh
Jl. Sukabumi No. 20, Bandung

Live Cooking Performances from
Ariani Darmawan x Budi Warsito (Kineruku)
Eddi Brokoli
Frank de Vries
Geva Ariantya & Bella Vania (Enhaii)
Gianni Porto
Ade Sutarsa
Gustaff Iskandar x Reina
Kandura Keramik
Keni Soeriaatmadja
Odie Djamil x Ray Janson
Widarta Ryan Permadi
Zanun Nurrangga x Syagini Ratna Wulan
Chef Afit (Holy Cow Steak by Chef Afit)
Apep x Yana (The Second Chance Project)
Aldi Aldhena (Unilever Food Solutions)

Music Performances from
Lucas & The Sounds of McClay
70’s Orgasm Club
Autumn Ode

DJ Performances from
Aldy (Bastards of Young) x Le Boob
Ardo Ardhana (Dos)
Awfi Mohammed
Bergas (W_Music)
Bimo Mahendra Putra
DTS x Rimba Patria
Melody Garcia
Midnight Runners
Munireng x Aditya I.

Invited Special Tenants
Pizza E Birra x Sushi Groove by Ismaya Group
Holy Cow Steak by Chef Afit
Karnivor x People’s Kitchen x Nanny’s by Altima Group

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