Sounds From The Corner is a digital-based audio visual project that documents musical performances. Sounds From The Corner always brings you a fantastic audio visual music experience with great quality and consistency. In this 13th edition, the team just released a live video performance of SORE at their concert “Sorealist” at Rolling Stone Cafe Live Venue in South Jakarta.

After a long period of post-hibernation, the champions of Indonesiana rock, SORE finally entered the circuit again. After the cyberspace hit song “Ssssttt …” went well above expectations, on the 5th of May they held a long-awaited concert. This was the perfect moment to celebrate “Sorealist”, the latest release from SORE that had three new songs and a few reliable numbers from previous albums. Other than being obtained via iTunes, that night the audience could directly buy the new release in the format of a Flash Disk.

SORE beat the stage that night with a total of 17 songs. The combination of mass sing-alongs and rare moments that included the performance of “Bantal Keras”, a song that will only be sung once in a lifetime. A priceless moment was when Reza Dwi Putranto slammed the guitar after performing Funk The Hole, and many more exciting moments. For more story about this concert “Sorealist” please visit Sounds From The Corner website here.

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