Good news for you dear sauciest girls in town! Your days of shoe craving have ended and your sassy shopping habit can finally commence again. Van Vogue, an independent footwear brand from Bandung, is in business to offer you none but a variety of bold and edgy shoes for your day to day agendas.

Although the brand is yet to reach four months old, Van Vogue has released two collections that were actually inspired by the timeless beauties during 30s to 60s eras. Of course, any girl would remember the legendary scene on Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly Golightly was looking for her black alligator shoes.

Well, the brand’s classic loafers and brogues quite obviously resemble monochromatic nuance of that Hepburn’s time. In addition, with the smart, futuristic cut on all of its shoes, Van Vogue will definitely make your vintage style look even more immaculate.

If you go to college or have a casual full time job, Van Vogue’s Kelly loafers might probably be the safest and most comfy pick for you to walk through your busy routine. Not to mention, it also has that classic cut which will always stay in fashion.

Or if you are more daring and creative, you might rather prefer the hologram slippers that will fetch in well with your boyish look. You can browse Van Vogue new collection “La Garçonne” through their Instagram here or even read their official Tumblr site at

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