200 Jakarta’s top influencers gathered at SHY Rooftop Kemang for the global launch party of ZOCKO, a startup company from Barcelona, Spain, and developed in Jakarta, Indonesia that has been globally launched on 18th October 2013. Top influencers such as Daniel Mananta and Miund were among the first top influencers and approved to have an account of ZOCKO.

Carlos Puig, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ZOCKO said, “we are happy to have a really warm response from Jakarta’s top influencers who received approval to join Zocko.com, which will soon be available for wider and general public. The day is about to come and everyone must book their seat to get into this new wave of influence rewarding.”

Launched with a vision to help social influencers to value their influence through social networks, ZOCKO chose Indonesia as its base and first destination to activate its platform, enabling users to independently earn money. ZOCKO covers more than 200 brands and thousands of products around the globe categorized in fashion, gadgets, sports, technology and gadgets, décor, plus design.

So far, there have been more than 2.000 publications of products created by ZOCKO influencers. This has proven the virality that ZOCKO’s top influencers have impacted on the social media users, especially Twitter and Facebook. Today, ZOCKO influencers with more than 80% of which are in Indonesia, have an aggregated audience of 5,7 million followers on Twitter and 530.000 friends on Facebook. The preferred channels for them to share are 30% on Facebook, 30% on Twitter and the rest 40% the other channels such as blogging platforms or email.

“Looking at the e-commerce and digital industry has been heating up in Indonesia, we hit Jakarta as the destination for us to grow the business. As Indonesian people really love to share through social media, with ZOCKO they are able to create and publish their own unique content adding unexplored value to the products and earn money for that,” Carlos added.

“As an example, a top influencer Daniel Mananta who has 2,3 million followers on Twitter, sharing a product rewarding $0,50, and having a conversion of 1% of his audience, could make $11,500 with just one tweet. It’s a matter of knowing your audience and publishing the type of products they’ll buy. Finally with ZOCKO, personal influence is rewarded as it is meant to be.” Carlos said.

Currently, ZOCKO is holding #ShakeZocko Competition which will give a free iPhone 5s as the prize to one Zocko user who has the most published and original content and gets the highest number of rewards until November 30, 2013. For further information and update on the competition, please click this link.

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