Holiday season is the most awaited time of the year. There is no question about that. Everyone seems like really enjoying the holiday time because there are no boundaries in it. No work pressure, no stress, just having fun all the time. Everyone could do what they want to do. Some people prefer to paint graffiti in the abandoned spot, some listen to good music on the beach while some just prefer chilling on the couch all day.

To celebrate the mood of holiday, Wagadiwa offers a range of new collection that suits the needs. The holiday atmosphere can be felt through the selection of printed shirts with patterns like stars, leaves, and camouflage. There are also streetwear staples such as graphic t-shirts, chino trousers, and the all-time classic flannel plaid shirt. To complete the holiday look, the label also releases a selection of accessories like “Jakarta City” leather-strapback hats, beanie hat, and a small utility pouch. Not to forget the soft and comfortable star-printed towel that comes in two different sizes.

Established in 2012, Wagadiwa is a collective of artists who get together and transform into an ever changing life style brand. The word “Wagadiwa” are taken from two different language. WAGA means “our” in Japanese, and DIWA means “essence” in Filipino, which translate into “our essence”. Their inspiration came from various influences ranging from graffiti, film, skateboarding, technology, arts, hip-hop, photography, sneakers, music, girls, to everything in between. They offer their remarkable clothing collections to other street subcultures and liked minded people who got a good taste in fashion.

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