One of the well known independent film production house from Indonesia, Kalyana Shira Films recently presents a short film called “My Kribo Adventure” in collaboration with one of the largest communications provider in Indonesia XL Axiata. With a duration of 14 minutes, the film tells a journey of a man with curly hair named Kribo Wangsit, about the things that he loves and find his biggest potential in life. Through their newest tagline #LiveWhatYouLove, XL Axiata with director Nia Dinata try to share a unique story that will get along with what they will campaign. The film “My Kribo Adventure” also features Fatih Unru as the young Wangsit, Benazio R. Putra or popularly known as Benakribo as the adult Wangsit, Narpati Awangga as Wangsit’s father, Nazyra C. Noer as Wangsit’s mother, and special appearance from Ayushita Nugraha. Without further ado, please watch the full clip below.

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