Almost a decade ago in 2004, DBL Store embryo appeared in the inaugural season of Developmental Basketball League (DBL), one of the biggest basketball league for middle and senior high school in Indonesia. Coinciding with the competition, the DBL opened Det Merchandise, a modest booth inside the Airlangga University campus in Surabaya. Those booth survived until 2007 on any implementation of DBL and JRBL. In 2008, when DBL expand to 11 cities in 10 provinces, Det Merchandise decided to changed its name to DBL Store.

In result, the demand of a typical basketball merchandise collection, especially DBL, increased. That is why in 2009, they decided to reorganized DBL Store into an independent management and got more structured as in financial and marketing. The self-management enables them to created a big revolution in 2010, namely, to produced their own apparel. In the same year, DBL Store have their own online store with more than a thousand items.

The year of 2010 was a pretty busy year for DBL Store. Therefore, they also begun to market new products, such as official products of the National Basketball League (NBL) Indonesia. A year later, DBL Store increasingly have a wider market share by selling the official apparel of Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) Indonesia. Due to the high demand of the four official products, DBL Store decided to managed all DBL Indonesia league merchandise and launched its official website through

On September 17th 2014, DBL Store decided to create a flagship that integrates with the DBL Arena in order to facilitate anyone who wants to get those classy basketball products. People from Aceh to Papua could get any of those merchandise anywhere without having to wait for the DBL or NBL held in their city. The current DBL Flagship Store took place outside of DBL Arena in Surabaya with a size of 365 m2. It was ten times more than the previous store in Graha Pena, Surabaya which is only 13 m2. The flagship store was inaugurated by director of DBL Indonesia, Azrul Ananda and witnessed by minister Dahlan Iskan.

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