Football announcer, Pangeran Siahaan and his fellow stand up comedian Ryan Adriandhy are dipping their toes into the original web-streaming space with the soft-launch of a new comedy portal called OUTWIT.INC. Officially unveiled via its YouTube site on Monday, the channel is now airing with two segments such as “Bernada Dalam Bicara” that explores the varieties of speech tones along with the outcome meanings, interpretations, and situations. Plus #KONTEMPLASIKAMAR that visually presents life’s mundane contemplations in which taking a closer look upon life details that we often miss. Currently, the site features content from both section called “Sayang Lagi Apa” and “Onde-Onde Official”. Next week on Monday, they will launch their first skit entitled “Monosodium Glutamate” in which the founders will join as the main cast. Without further explanation, please watch the video below and simply subscribe their channel on YouTube.

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