Garuda Indonesia in collaboration with successful businessman Peter F. Gontha released an Executive Class Stories that take a look at business and developments in Indonesia. Mr. Gontha, educated in the Netherlands, founder of the famous Java Jazz Festival and many more ventures, visits several leaders of the Indonesian economy. Together with them, he talks open hearted about the power, challenges, and opportunities in Indonesia, the country that currently is experiencing of what they call, a “Golden Era”.

The Indonesian economy is currently experiencing its so-called “Golden Era” with an annual economic growth of 6% and a rapidly developing middle class, which will grow from 45 million to 135 million people over the next decades. The Indonesian economy is currently ranked number 16 worldwide and the country’s aim is to become a member of the G8 in 2019. With that in mind Indonesia offers numerous opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, something Peter F. Gontha, a top Indonesian businessman who, among others is Vice Chairman of Kadin Indonesia (Chamber of Commerce) and Executive Chairman of the influential Lippo Media Group, endorses in the new Executive Class Stories series from Garuda Indonesia.

In the latest edition of the popular Executive Class Stories series, which follows successful entrepreneurs during their activities in and visits to Indonesia, viewers and Peter F. Gontha visit leaders of the Indonesian economy and talk to them about the power, the challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead for the country. Captains of Industry such as Mr. Chairul Tanjung (Head of the National Economy Counsel), Mr. Bambang Susantono (Deputy Minister of Transport), Mr. James Riady (CEO of the Lippo Group), and Mr. Emirsyah Satar (President and CEO of Garuda Indonesia), state what according to them are the present needs for the country and where they see opportunities for adventurous Dutch entrepreneurs. These opportunities have not gone unnoticed by the Dutch government, which will visit the country with a trade mission this fall.

According to Peter F. Gontha, who enjoyed his own higher education and first professional years in the Netherlands, Indonesia offers the perfect opportunity to successfully deploy the expertise of Dutch entrepreneurs. One of the major challenges of the rapidly developing country is formed by the complex infrastructure, which happens to be one of the flagship skills of The Netherlands. Other countries have noticed the interesting opportunities as well. Indonesia’s national airline Garuda Indonesia has now launch a new direct route between Jakarta and London. This route operated with a newly commissioned Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft, complete with new and beautifully designed First Class Cabins.

With this new route, Garuda Indonesia directly responds to the needs of high-end professionals of international companies and organizations. Besides this, the flight frequency on the route between Amsterdam and Jakarta will be increased from four to six flights per week as from the 22nd of June 2013 in order to meet the increasingly growing demands of the business market. The new series quickly make it abundantly clear that businesswise Indonesia is one of the world’s foremost places to be and invest. You can watch the whole series now via their YouTube account here.

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