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For the latest NEIGHBOURTALK, we decided talk to an inspiring illustrator based in Jakarta, Dwi Indra Winarno about his work and the creative space that he joined, IMAJIBOX. For those who do not know, IMAJIBOX is a community based in a social media called Instagram. This community has been running for months and mostly gather graphic designers from across Jabodetabek and other big cities in Indonesia.

Upon this exclusive interview, he also mentioned that IMAJIBOX was established because of the past situation that his fellow graphic designers mentioned, that they could not create great graphics due to their client needs or company regulation. He said IMAJIBOX has help them to assemble and explore a wider media, in particularly the international readers. Read our exclusive interview with Dwi Indra Winarno below.

What makes you join this community?

I joined IMAJIBOX because of my friend. He wanted me to explore something that I have never done before. I found that very interesting, so then I joined. Another reason is that I needed a space to spread my creativity. But then, these days I help the community to be known in real life. Create some interesting program that everyone could enjoy.

Could you explain your recent graphic(s) for IMAJIBOX?

I recently created a graphic about someone coming out of the box. It pretty much sums up about the community itself, about graphic designers who are trying to find a creative space. And you could find someone ready to explore by armoring himself with a pencil (it symbolize basic tools in the drawing).

For my second artwork, I decided to create a graphic based on the quotes by David Mitchell, “Travel far enough, you meet yourself”. This Cloud Atlas inspired graphic tells about the true meaning of traveling, whereas is to find your identity. This great analogy is illustrated by a figure (that looks like cloud atlas) that is trying to explore the earth.

Lately you also created a graphic about the 90s and fantasy. Am I right?

That is true. For the 90s theme, I decided to used a different technique, hand lettering. Through my brainstorming, I decided to recreated my favorite characters from the 90s which is Bobo’s characters, Bona (a small pink elephant with her long trunked) and a cat named Rong Rong.

For the Fantasy issue, I decided to reinterpret one of my favorite song lyric from Blur, Coffee & TV. It sounds like “I’m goin blind and I’m braindead virtually. Sociability it is hard enough for me. Take me away from this big bad world”. I felt that this is totally correct, especially when spent most of your time watching TV. It took your creativity away and you became dull.

Could you explain your most recent graphics – Indonesian Myth, Friendship, and Music?

For the Indonesian Myth, I created a graphic called Pregnancy and Scissors. It tells a myth about pregnant woman who is suggested to bring scissors everywhere she goes. This scissors would be a good weapon against the bad evil creature. For the Friendship issue, I managed to illustrated a ball made of glass in which it symbolize a fragility in interpersonal relationships. It can be destroyed at any time and by whoever close to you. For Music, I visualized Adhitya Sofyan’s “Sudden Wonderland”. There is this sentence from the lyric that I love, “When a possibility of a new relationship is a few steps away”.

And lastly, you also able to work with Payung Teduh to illustrate their song “Untuk Seorang Perempuan Yang Sedang Dipelukan”. Could you share what is on your mind?

For the visualization of this song, I was inspired by the lyrics. I think the lyrics is great, and it took my mood to another level. I wonder if this magical or not, but I am pretty sure that everyone who heard the verse would rape the replay button, over and over again. After hearing dozens of times, I finally draw a pair of couples who are in love and delivering jokes under the umbrella. Moreover, I also describe a a man who adores her lover, singing and showered with seduction that makes her lover getting lost in intimacy. The material I used for this work is very simple. Just drawing on paper using a pen and a brush pen. I also used a simple technique, a little shading like wood engrave with drawing pen.

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