• ISIS and The Executive

ISIS, the label fronted by the designer duo Andrea Risjad and Amot Syamsuri Muda, presented their collection for the second time on Thursday November 6th 2014 in Fashion Tent Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. This time, they collaborated with The Executive, one of lifestyle and fashion labels in Indonesia to deliver a collection entitled “City of Style”. It was an interesting mix between the modern professional and stylish characters of The Executive with the chic, casual, and edgy designs of ISIS.

The show began with ballad rhythms by a group of violins, guitars, and Indonesian traditional drums which accompanied singer Ario Wahab’s live performance. Wahab’s magnificent voice became the background music for rows of casual clothes consisting of loose collared shirts, light white satin tops, and simple tops. They were matched with practical black trousers. Some of them looked very distinctive as The Executive, but they also had the firm and efficient sense of ISIS.

Up next came a number of straight dresses with minimalist silhouette. They were still dominated with black and white colors, but they appeared more feminine with a block of baby pink accents here and there, such as on the shoulder or the skirt. This session gave a new face to The Executive, which is known for their formal designs. ISIS also played around with simple short skirts matched with preppy tops or soft pink sweaters combined with short pants. Casual and neat at the same time.

As for the ending, ISIS and The Executive presented Ario Wahab and Andy Riff duet to accompany bolder apparel, both in terms of silhouette and colors. Sparkling black color dominated the looks in this session. Maxi dresses and A-line skirts with wide drapery made of leather looked fresh and dynamic. That was also the case for cropped jackets which were matched with leather pants or soft tops in sling-wrap cuts. Stylish with a quite strong ISIS character, but can be worn every day by everyone.

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