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After the first edition of NEIGHBOURTALK The Girl Next Door with blogger and style entrepenuer Chrisnawati Novia Puspitasari, we finally had our second article! This time around we had the opportunity to interview a young woman and also a designer for local named Amelia Bunjamin. The woman who was born and raised in Jakarta shared her experiences about living and studying when she was in Melbourne, Australia, how to run a clothing business like her own Apparel After Dark, to few little things that she rarely shares via social media. Without further information, please read to the full results of our interview with her below.

Could you describe about yourself. Where you come from and what is your family looks like?

I am from Jakarta and I come from a big loving family. My style currently surrounds itself on luxury sports or sportswear inspired with monochromatic tones.

You graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Melbourne. What course did you take? What is the most interesting about being in Melbourne?

I am proudly a Bachelor of Fashion Design! I guess being in Melbourne really showed me what fashion is really all about. Melbourne is a huge mix of different cultural backgrounds and with that you get to experience all these different eclectic fashion styles that individually could teach you all about the various types of fashion genres from all around the world. So being there was really an eye-opener for me.

Today, you wrote yourself as Apparel After Dark designer slash blogger. What inspired you to start these projects?

Initially, I started blogging because I just felt like sharing a part of me. I started through a personal blog back in 2006 and just last year, I started writing a more focused blog towards fashion at Amelia Apparel because it was something I really wanted to do for a really long time. Fashion is a huge important piece of my life and sharing it with the world would be one of the greatest honor for me, even if I am only writing for a small audience, it would still be an honor.

Whatever you see in me I think Apparel After Dark could help express that for me now. Apparel After Dark is focused on creating simple quality pieces that are long lasting and versatile. You could mix and match everything out of the collection together and you will still be wearing our identity. I started AAD because again, it was a plan I had since before I started university and starting this was something I had to do in order to reach this dream of mine.

Whom do you envision as your target market?

Someone that does not have to be extremely obsessed with fashion but knows and understands that whatever that they are wearing is their own thing and their own style. I created Apparel After Dark to be as approachable as possible in terms of our design and aesthetic.

Where do you find most inspiration?

It is never one thing! I think everything you see can inspire you. Whatever you do and wherever you go, take a minute of silence and absorb your surroundings as much as you can like a sponge.

Do you see yourself expanding the brand beyond these clothes?
Apparel After Dark is currently more focused on womenswear. But we are planning to do more on the mens section and also start a range of unisex leather goods too like shoes, wallets, or bags.

What do you think it is that blogs can do that magazines can’t?

In my opinion, people turn to blogs to find a more personal approach to fashion. Blogs are more approachable and less intimidating to the general market. Instead of picking up Vogue and not understanding a thing about it because of its intense fashion content, people open up blogs on their phones so that they can feel like they are connecting with a ‘friend’ other than the industry itself.

We quite aware that you rarely blog, however you do Instagram a lot, like everyday. So what do you think are the positive and negative aspects of blogging and Instagram?

I actually really love to write but lately I’ve been quite busy with Apparel After Dark and sometimes writing is not an option. So Instagram is the fastest way to go in order to reach out to my followers. Even though Instagram could be called micro-blogging, I still feel like with actual blogging, we connect more to our followers through our stories.

Why is fashion so important to you?

I think this is the hardest question so far (laugh). I do not know exactly how and why but I know that fashion is something that I am passionate about and that I am heading towards the right direction with my job. I love my job because I am passionate about it therefore fashion is an important part of my life.

How have you developed your style?

Personality wise, most people are quite resistant to change. But style is a different story. With time, people accumulate a whole lot of data in their brains about fashion and it evolves the way people wear their clothing from time to time. I went under so many style changes over the past few years and somehow it was the path I needed to go through in order to find the right style for me. It is just like buying the perfect pair of shoes. Somehow you need to try them first to know if it is the right one for you.

Is there any fashion advice or advice in general that you would like to give our readers

Following the trend is an important thing but always stick to what you are comfortable with so that when you wear something, you know that it is your own idea and effort. That itself will give you the confidence you need to walk out the door with pride.

Lets move on to a more casual question. What is a typical day in your life?

Basically wake up, work, lunch, work, OOTD, dinner, work, sleep, repeat. Haha just kidding! But I go back and forth doing random things with work and when I have spare time I go meet my friends or go out for dinner with the family. It is really never the same everyday.

Do you ever have that girly moment when you simply think “I have nothing to wear”?

This happens to me every single day. That is why us ladies find that there will never be enough things to buy or have (laugh).

What is your closet like? Is it a walk-in. What takes up most of your space?

I have a really tiny wardrobe and a clothing rack just right next to my bed. I am obsessed with a whole lotta outerwear and a whole lotta shoes so I have so many shoe boxes stacked up on the side of my walls and under my work table, a lot more downstairs and in the studio (laugh).

What are your plans for the future of your blog and career?

My focus right now is just to go with whatever’s right in front of me. But I am pretty sure that 2015 would be an amazing year for us all so I am excited to expand and connect with more of you nice peeps!

What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

Probably the fact that I am the messiest and laziest person on earth (laugh).

Are there any new fashion bloggers you’re really excited about? Recommend us one or two people so we can tag their name.

Definitely look up OOTDINDO co-founders Erick and Laurent.

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