Vicious Divine is a metalcore band from Blitar, East Java. Formed in 2014 consisting of members Vishnu Nugraha as vocalist, Delpi Suhariyanto as guitarist, Risa Dwi as rhythm guitarist, Tri Angga as bassist, and Christophorus Garry as the drummer. To date, the band has released one single “Bombed But Not Broken” a song that will set in their first EP album that will be released soon. For your information, they derive their band name from a great literature all the time from Florence that called The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and merge with a painting by Jacek Malczewski with title Vicious Circle.

Before the band formed earlier this year, they are previously known as Fit For Two. After seven years of practice and released two singles, they decided to close down the band. After the disband of Fit For Two, they decided to look for a new members to make a new project using Fit For Two’s songs that previously recorded in Celestial Sphere. This unreleased song later become the pin point for them. They managed to settle with Risa Dwi who is a great rhythm guitarist and Tri Angga as bassist who at the time are infamously known as vocalist in hardcore band One More Time.

After weeks of discussion, all of them decided to chose Vicious Divine as their band name because it represents their gaze to circumstances around. As we mentioned in above, The Divine Comedy represent a journey of a man from hell to paradise and it is like what happen around them. While Vicious appears in each the journey of man on surface of the world. An ironic name chosen because it is a reflection of circumstance around from member’s sight. For more information about this band, please click the link above.

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