The Jakarta based jewellery studio, We Are The People, together with textile maker, Mier, will collaborate for a pop up store that will running from 18 December till 21 December 2014. The two brands will take over Common Space Jakarta in Panglima Polim showcasing their latest collection. Shopper can browse a range of ready-to-wear jewellery, textile, clothing, and other accessories.

We Are The People is an independent jewellery studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a collaboration between a designer, an architect and a jewellery aficionado. It started over coffees back in Sydney, Australia in early 2013 where all once was just a dream. By end of 2013 this dream transpired into We Are The People. The collections are the brand attempt at exploring cultures, detangling styles and deciphering them in their own language. Each collection started with an idea that they develop into series of narratives. Each piece is independent and cohabits in its own unique way, and more than just an accessory.

Bonded initially by a friendship and working together during their college years in Singapore, Mia and Erica decided to merge their love for fashion and textiles into a collaborative venture based in their hometown Jakarta. Mier specialise in creating unique, vibrant prints which are then translated into clothing, accessories, and home wares. Each print design is an expression of Mia’s and Erica’s own perspective of the things they see and a reflection of their creative identity. Miner’s fabrics are either silkscreen printed or digital printed depending on which method represents the design best. With every product, Mier strives to achieve a balance of elegance and ease through the juxtaposition of feminine silhouettes with quirky prints, or relaxed silhouettes with sophisticated fabrics and thoughtful details.

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