Some of you must be have known before, that SAGARA have teamed up with one of the finest denim maker in Indonesia Oldblue Co. to reproduce the legendary USMC or USN Boondocks Boots that have a lot of action during the second World War. In addition to those, just hours ago the bootmaker based in Bandung just released the first look for its collaboration product via its Instagram account. According to them, they decided to used the second World War as the theme because they got a lot of inspiration from that era, when human invented a lot of interesting yet inspirational stuff, from killing machine to the beautiful garment that built like a tank. Along with those statement, the boots will features quadruple quarter stitching using single needle sewing machine, solid brass eyelets, manufacture stamp, cork filled nitrile heels, contrast leather welt and midsoles, plus soft or un-structure toe. These legendary USMC or USN Boondocks Boots will make the first appearance along with their collaboration jeans at Wall of Fades 2014 in Kuningan City Jakarta.

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