Just days ago, a new production house known as A Metafor Pictures Production uploaded the official movie trailer for their upcoming movie known as “Melancholy Is A Movement”. Directed by Richard Oh, this movie tells a story about a dream of filmmaker who suddenly interrupted by an incident. The situation around him, especially his friends and the need to pay his office rent suddenly made him has to accept an offer which is to make a religious film. Without him realizing it, he was dragged into a trap of his life, to the extent of which he could defend his dreams or survive the within community. “Melancholy Is A Movement” will also features several stars including Joko Anwar, Ario Bayu, Fachri Albar, Karina Salim, Amink, Alex Abbad, Verdi Solaiman, Hannah Al Rashid, and many more. For more information feel free to click few of the links above.

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